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Writer's Circuit

We will be back in the Spring of 2023!

The Circuit hosts literary readings by published authors across several cities in Florida, pairing these readings with discussions and Q&A sessions. This allows time for writers to meet, share ideas, develop their craft and celebrate their successes, additionally allowing the public to experience new and creative literature while gaining insight to the creative process.

Each year, the Writers Circuit puts four writers on tour through the state of Florida over two weeks, visiting nine schools on the east and west coasts of Florida. One Circuit week is held in the spring and one week in the fall for each writer. Anhinga Press sponsors one of their writers, often the winner of the annual Robert Dana-Anhinga Prize for Poetry, and the University of Tampa Press sponsors the winner of the Tampa Review Prize for Poetry each year.  The nine member schools nominate and select two more writers, one each of poetry and prose. The Writers Circuit allows authors to read, discuss and present their work while providing networking opportunities between publishers, professors, and the public.

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